Notepad, pen, and laptop

Luckily, my natural thinking style of making connections and identifying patterns are inherent to the research process. As part of my Master’s program, I took an in-depth look at subjects that, at that time, held deep personal meaning for me. The discovery and insight gained from these papers continue to shape the person I am and the person I strive to be.

Research Papers

“Bridging Two Worlds: “Race” and Identity in the Contemporary Fiction of Zadie Smith and Danzy Senna.” A critical paper to observe how two young authors express their English and American cultural norms through their first novels and, in particular, to observe the divergent manner in which race is portrayed in their work.
Antioch University Los Angeles, Culver City, CA, May 2005.

• • •

A field study to explore the mechanisms of community among stereotypically reclusive writers and to evaluate its impact upon participants’ self-assessed productivity. Methods included facilitating discussion of literary works, providing a forum for works-in-progress to be shared for feedback, encouraging writers to perform their work aloud, and extending in-person discussions online.
Antioch University Los Angeles, Culver City, CA, Sept. 2004.

• • •

“Reading Fiction Aloud: What Makes It Good?” A short critical paper to assess the components of successful oral interpretation of fiction and to observe audience interpretation of and receptivity to literary work read aloud.
Antioch University Los Angeles, Culver City, CA, Aug. 2004.