Diane J. Wright is an award-winning screenwriter whose work has been lauded at prestigious film festivals in Canada and Europe. She is sought out for her deep knowledge of the form, her talents in creating life on the page, and for her active support of inclusivity in genre film.

Over her career she has been invited to share her singular perspective in popular magazines such as Fast Company and Chatelaine, to lecture at her alma mater's MFA program, and to consult on studio and network productions in the U.S., Canada, and in Europe.

In everything she touches, Diane works to build #equality for all through education, advocacy, and meaningful representation.

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Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl cover

Birthday Girl

When a sixteen-year-old ingénue finds herself lost and alone on the side of the California highway, she has no way to know it's the beginning of a brand new life. Taking on an unforgiving and confusing world with determination, courage, and her autistic superpowers, Tracey Burns sets out on a quest to find her missing mother and, on the way, learns what it means to never, ever give up.