Diane J. Wright is a Canadian-American story consultant, ghostwriter, and fixer focusing on diversity in inclusion and authentic representation of the BIPoC, neurodivergent, and disabled communities in features and series.

Inclusion.  Equity.   Parity.
On screen and off


Diane collaborates with producers and writers to make page meet vision, to build emotional resonance, and to highlight voice & perspective while reducing culturally insensitive portrayals, inauthentic representation, erasure, and all the 'isms.

Her work in independent feature film has contributed to prizes at premiere festivals such as Sundance and Tribeca. She has been a trusted Telefilm-approved story editor, a studio development assistant, contributed to national releases, to series airing on network and cable, and to two New York Times bestselling non-fiction titles.

Outside the office, Diane is a baker, an animal lover, a former Blue Sky digital strategist, a national pageant title holder, and the founder of one of the largest global communities of invisibly disabled adults.


WOCU Mock Pitch Sessions

WOCU Mock Pitch Sessions

WOCUnite Mock Pitch Sessions

October 20 - 23, 2020

Five women. Five stories. Filmmakers will pitch their feature, series, and documentary projects and receive feedback in a supportive, safe, risk-free environment.

Exclusive to members of Women of Color Unite.


Date: Sep 11, 2020, 1:00pm to 2:30pm PT
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ISA Presents: A Conversation on Inclusive Storytelling

ISA Presents: A Conversation on Inclusive Storytelling

International Screenwriters' Association Presents: A Conversation on Inclusive Storytelling

Hollywood is changing. Studios, networks, and production companies are demanding more diverse content to meet market demand. How do screenwriters rise to the challenge? In this interactive event, anti-racist educator and screenwriter Ashwini Prasad and story consultant and advocate Diane J. Wright will introduce you to the basics of inclusive storytelling for the screen.

This discussion will be valuable for screenwriters of all levels.

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Analysis, research, and editorial advice focused on intersectional representation.


For Producers: IP adaptations. Research. Treatments. Series pitches. Series bibles. Pitch decks. For Screenwriters: Character and structure analysis. Editorial advice. Logline creation support. Pitch notes.


Perspectives on casting, from leads to extras. Scene change consultation. Workplace amelioration for the visible and invisible differences and disabilities common among creatives.


Rough to fine cut editorial consultation.


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People are more than female, Black, or disabled.
Shouldn't characters be too?