Sex. Death. Resurrection.

Sex. Death. Resurrection.

Sex. Death. Resurrection. features seven established and emerging authors and seven multidisciplinary artists coming together, disparately, around love, loss, hope, and rebirth.

Authors were asked to contribute one short story of their choosing. Each anonymous story was given to an artist who was asked to create a piece inspired by what they read. The result is a collection unlike any other.


  • Allie Marini Batts
  • Leonard Chang
  • Susan Taylor Chehak
  • Katherine Dykstra
  • Karl Dunn
  • William Henderson
  • Sara Taylor


  • Eleanor Bennett
  • Robbie Durose
  • Jeremy Lynch
  • Jean Oei
  • Jeff Renfroe
  • Prophecy Sun
  • Roderick Zalameda

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