Diane J. Wright is a Canadian-American story consultant and ghostwriter focusing on diversity, inclusion, and authentic representation of the BIPoC and disabled communities in features and series.

Her rare perspective as the pivot point among cultures informs her work. Diane’s mission is to use her breadth of knowledge and depth of experience  to elevate commercial stories.

Her work in independent feature film has contributed to prizes at premiere festivals such as Sundance and Tribeca. She has been a trusted Telefilm-approved story editor, a studio development assistant, contributed to nationally released features, to series airing on network and cable, and to two New York Times bestselling non-fiction titles.

Outside the office, Diane is a foodie, a baker, an animal lover, a former dot-com pioneer, a tabletop gamer, and a drag aficionado. This one time, at band camp, she was even a national pageant queen. At the intersections of Black and white, rich and poor, extraordinary ability and disability, Diane strives daily to use her powers for good, not evil.


Get in touch @dianejwright or send a message here.